Some people hate it, some people love it, but at least we can all agree: Networking is one of the most important business skills. It is also a way to build relationships by being yourself and being generous to others.

If we want to accomplish more throughout everyday life and business, we have to contribute constantly. We do it with our attention, as we pay it to the right areas and activities, thus taking more focused action in the right direction. We do it with our time – we devote it to what is important – and we double our results because of that. We likewise do it with our cash. We attempt to spend carefully, save a bit, and find better approaches to acquire more.

Are Relationships Playing an Important Part?

Relationships are equally as important to all other resources we focus on, and can skyrocket our progress if we give them a chance. Pity, most people overlook this aspect of business and personal growth. But it turns out that forming good relationships with the right people can lead to more than we can ever accomplish if we do things alone. And that’s why networking is one of the best investments of your attention, time and money.

We all know that if you want people to work with you, they need to trust you first and this is nothing new. Even more, you have to be able to offer value and expect nothing in return. Paul Teshima once said that, “You have to invest in relationships . . . and keep in mind that each person and each relationship is different.”

The best way to provide real and consistent value is to always think “Give Give Get;” that is, put greater energy into giving than receiving.

I believe the key to unlocking the hidden power of connections is helping others when you don’t expect anything in return. A focus on giving can transform your emotional state, improve your relationships, build your happiness quotient, and teach you the importance of gratitude.

If you put giving back and helping others at the center of your networking and relationship building, you are likely to have more impactful and stronger relationships, among other benefits. What you will find is that the giving will come back to you tenfold.

Having a Network is Important

When you build a strong network it is worth so much because it can take you anywhere. Yes, It takes patience, personal qualities, getting out of your comfort zone or feeling some discomfort at times, improving your confidence, and so forth. However, once you get the hang of it, you can use this to take your business to the next level and even improve your social life.

Having a Network is Powerful – Here are some reasons why:

Firstly, there is huge advantage because you have the likes of mentors, advisors, teachers and other knowledgeable people who know that they are doing. They are all sharing their ideas and helping you to make the best and wisest decisions going forward. Also there are great opportunities for attending events in your industry to get inspired, introduce yourself to new people, be around influencers, hear advice directly from the source, and to see your role models and maybe have a quick chat.

Secondly, what you will start to see happening is that opportunities will start to come up quite frequently, especially as you continue to invest more time into building your network more solid. Even if you’re not looking for something in particular, but just putting yourself out there and enjoying the company of other professionals, like-minded people and high achievers, you’ll receive a lot in return. That will come in the form of ideas, collaboration, offers, recognition, referrals, career opportunities, friendships, and more.

Thirdly, it will increase growth in many areas. The fact that you are exposed to the thinking of new individuals in your industry, you will be gaining new perspective on a lot and that crucial for the next steps you take in your own ventures. You also don’t allow yourself to have doubts or get lazy, as you’re always aware of how hard others are working.

The say knowledge is power and I am pretty sure you know that having the right information is very powerful if you know how to use it. By networking consistently and strategically, you can gain knowledge the smart way. This means, you can learn about industry trends without having to do your own research and waste time. You can find a new potential client or partner by casually giving a business card after a friendly chat, instead of investing in online ads and marketing research to get in front of your target audience.

How do we continue to strengthen our existing network?

Below are the things that usually stop people from doing anything about this are connected to the how.

How do you find the new connections most beneficial to your career goals?

How do you begin a conversation with new people?

How do you properly introduce yourself to strangers?

How do you maintain a habit of connecting with those in your network?

How do you get the confidence/motivation/skill/extroversion to do so?

For the last 2 years David Burkus have been studying the science of social networks and became fascinated with what are called “super connectors.”

Super connectors are the glue that holds networks together. He found out that they’re the people that always seem to know someone you’re looking for. They’re the ones who are always connecting influential people to each other. And they’re the ones who are always being introduced to new people.

He also managed to gather more than 60 super connectors and interviewed them to draw out the lessons they’ve learned along the way and the advice they’d share with anyone looking to grow their network.

Below are the people I want to give special credit to as their articles were very inspiring in helping to put together this article to help us all with understanding the importance of why Your Network is Your Net Worth.

Jeff Kavanaugh: A very inspiring Thought Leader/Educator / Author who wrote a very inspiring article – Source

Porter Gale’s (Author), Guy Kawasaki (Foreword) book – “Your Network is Your Net Worth”  Click Here to Buy

Nancy Marshall (Forbes Councils Member) who wrote a very interesting article about this – Source

Lidiya K (Blogger) my biggest inspiration, special credit to her with her piece – Source

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