Beyond Transactions: Procurement as the Pulse of Profitable Progress

World Procurement
Excellence Summit

"Procurement's New Horizon: Evolving into a Resilient,
Eco-Conscious Pillar Amidst Global Flux and Transformation."

13th – 15th of November, 2024

Frankfurt, GERMANY

Beyond Transactions: Procurement as the Pulse of Profitable Progress

World Procurement
Excellence Summit

"Procurement's New Horizon: Evolving into a Resilient, Eco-Conscious Pillar Amidst Global Flux and Transformation."

13th – 15th of November, 2024

Frankfurt, GERMANY

Beyond Transactions: Procurement as the Pulse of Profitable Progress

World Procurement
Excellence Summit

"Procurement's New Horizon: Evolving into a Resilient,
Eco-Conscious Pillar Amidst Global Flux and Transformation."

30th of October – 1st of November, 2024

Frankfurt, GERMANY



CEO & Founder

Transformation Executive


Vice President Group Procurement

Hero Group

Khalid DIB

Group Procurement Category Director

Dentsply Sirona

Jeanette Hübsch

Procurement Lead Commercial

Grunenthal Pharma GmbH & Co.KG

Antonio Díaz de Aguilar

Head Of Procurement

Air up

Costanza Campi

Global Procurement, Integrated Supply Solutions

RS Group plc

Jornt Depreter

Director Of Procurement

Lunch Garden

Yulia Omelchuk

Head of Procurement and Vendor Management



Director, Category Indirect&CAPEX, Procurement Governance and Compliance

Sibelco Group

Ben Scharrenberg

Director Procurement

Lely Holding


Senior Director, Head Procurement Excellence (Governance & Performance)

Grünenthal Group


Head of Procurement

Nippon Shokubai Europe


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About the summit

Dive into the future of procurement at the World Procurement Summit 2024, proudly hosted by Keynotion in Frankfurt, Germany. Over three invigorating days, discover cutting-edge insights, strategies, and innovations that are reshaping the procurement landscape. Engage with global experts, thought leaders, and industry pioneers. Benefit from interactive sessions, dynamic panel discussions, and hands-on workshops tailored to address the challenges and opportunities of the modern procurement world. 

Set against Frankfurt’s vibrant backdrop, this summit promises unparalleled networking opportunities, bridging continents and cultures. Why attend? To equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to elevate your procurement strategies, foster valuable connections, and stay ahead in this ever-evolving field. Join us in shaping the future of procurement. Don’t miss this transformative experience!

Key Topics

Venture into the realm of responsible purchasing. We’ll guide you through the emerald expanses of the sustainable marketplace, showcasing how to embed eco-friendly practices into your procurement without compromising economic success.

Propel your procurement practices into the digital age with this immersive exploration. Discover how the convergence of artificial intelligence, the robustness of blockchain, and the agility of electronic procurement can forge a new era of sourcing sophistication, positioning you at the forefront of industry innovation.

Lift the conductor’s baton and lead the ensemble of supplier interaction. We’ll demystify the strategies for building alliances that build to a triumphant forte of success, harmonizing risk management with collaborative undertakings that resound with innovation and shared prosperity.

Announce the dawn of a principled procurement era, where values and viability intertwine. Join the vanguard where the compass of commerce points to humanity, sculpting a procurement realm where the benchmarks extend beyond profit, encompassing ethical and social integrity.

Navigate the twists and turns of a dynamic market with masterful agility. Engage in an interactive exploration that equips you with the dexterity to outmanoeuvre uncertainty and transmute procurement challenges into opportunities for strategic innovation.

Venture into a realm where the legacy of procurement’s past and the promise of its future converge. This session is an exploration into the fusion of classic insight with contemporary strategy, sculpting a procurement approach that cherishes time-tested practices yet eagerly adopts the innovations of the modern era.

Agenda Focus Areas

Sustainability and Ethics
Technology and Innovation
Supplier Relationship Management
Strategic Procurement Management
Culture and Leadership

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Why Attend


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Martin Dieker

Martin belongs to the folks who believe that the shop floor is the only department in a company that generates values. It is in every leader's best interest to serve operators to execute their job in the best possible way.

Being a leader in operations is not about wearing nice suits and watches. The job is to ensure that operations are defining-, executing-, and improving standards on a daily base with respect to safety, quality, performance and cost. You work for 100 operators, not the other way around.

- Design and implement holistic production systems considering cross-functional integration (TPM, IWS, PSS, CBS, etc.)
- Bring lean/OpEx theory into daily operations
- Daily standard working processes and performance monitoring
- Improve processes, organizational structures and systems in industrial organizations
- Enable people to work together closely and to become better leaders (servant leaders)

Martin Gutberlet

Martin Gutberlet is responsible for the strategic and operative tasks of Baader's digitalization division as Managing Director of Open Innovation Holding GmbH, Trace Tomorrow Management GmbH and Early Business Development GmbH. Mr. Gutberlet reports directly to Mrs. Baader.

Martin Gutberlet has more than 25 years of experience in the field of digitalization and digital transformation and was most recently Chief Digital Officer of a global, listed packaging and paper company.  Prior he served as Head Digital Projects at a global leader in machine tools.

My passion: "Digital for me is about People, Change and Technology - empowering people while using innovative technology is my passion. "


Industry & Titles: Food, Packaging & Paper, Farming

CxO and Senior Mgmt


I am used to give keynotes to senior audience.

Waldemar Hirsch

Waldemar Hirsch is responsible for 3D printing of jigs & fixtures at Audi Sport. He coordinates the 3d printing activities within the production of Audi AG. His job also includes the responsibility for the mechanical analysis in the production of Audi Sport and the innovation management for the production.

Before the time of 3d printing he worked as a developer for process, method and technology after study automotive engineering at Cologne

Johan Beukema

Johan Beukema is Partner at BCI Global, a leading independent consultancy firm with headquarters in The Netherlands and offices in Europe (London, Frankfurt), North America (Atlanta, San Francisco, LA) and Asia (Singapore, Shanghai).

BCI Global was founded in 1985 and specializes in Manufacturing footprint optimization, supply chain optimization and location & site selection. Johan, who joined BCI in 1999, holds a university degree in (International) Business Administration of the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. Over the last 22 years Johan has supported many companies in the optimization of their manufacturing footprint strategies and end-to-end supply chains as well as in the selection of the optimal locations for new manufacturing sites, distribution centers and other business functions.

Johan’s geographical experience base includes EMEA, The Americas as well as Asia-Pacific including China and India. He works a lot for industry leaders in different industries as well as for new and fast-growing companies. Companies on his track record are for example ExxonMobil, Donaldson, Roche, Medtronic, Abbott, Amgen, Nestle, Danone, Takeda, Starkey, Hilti, Cisco, Huhtamaki, Ricoh, AMS AG, Brown Forman, Edwards, Oxea, Wabtec, and many others.

Johan regularly speaks at conferences and seminars and publishes about topics related to his area of expertise.

Jesper Toubøl

Jesper is the head of one of LEGO moulding sites and qualification factories which include both advanced mass manufacturing and maturing of new emerging technologies. Jesper has furthermore delivered organizational footprint and technology strategies within Product Design and Equipment ( Manufacturing - establishing Engineering centers in LEGO manufacturing sites in Singapore, Mexico and Denmark. During his work Jesper has profound focus on how IoT can support his visions and enable the future – a true IOT-technology evangelist.

Jesper has worked for LEGO in several roles.

1) Responsibility for R&D in Packaging and Processing (Decorations and Assembly) product line.

2) Responsibilities for product development execution for LEGO DUPLO , LEGO Games , LEGO Technic , LEGO Hero Factory  - leading development teams through design, sourcing and marketing process from concept to finished product.   

3) Establishing logistics strategy, delivered turn around results in increasing differentiated services and reducing costs by e.g. outsourcing, consolidating sites and redefining logistic service offering.

Peter Thorngren

Peter Thorngren has the the ability to combine customer demands with technical possibilities and limitations to create working commercial solutions. Peter has also had personal experience in running a successful business in the management/system development area.
Peter works especially well in projects with a combination of technical, organizational, and commercial challenges. With his technical understanding and experience in larger projects, he can perform well in the areas of technology and business development.

Specialties: Peter Thorngren also has extensive professional experience in the areas of finance, marketing, automotive, government, industry, and telecom sectors.

Christophe Strauven

Christophe Strauven is an experienced business driver with entrepreneurial instincts who has worked in the cybersecurity industry for more than 16 years gaining experience in different positions.

Driven by enthusiasm, he remains fully abreast of technological trends and business challenges to help align the two. As a Business developer manager for Europe, his goals include building a business development strategy that ensures continuous innovation and business growth.

Outside of the office, Christophe enjoys travelling, gardening and wine.

Chetna Jain

Chetna Jain is a conscientious & visionary professional, with 18 years of experience in leading Research & Engineering programmes and product development.

Strategic adviser for techno-commercial viability of programmes. Lead projects for innovative, technologically advanced vehicle and safety-critical high volume automotive products. Experienced in streamlining business processes and leveraging product profitability.

She has worked with multi-cultural cross-functional teams, ranging from start-ups to century old established company. An effective communicator, adaptive and quick decision maker with strong analytical thinking. Balancing between sustainability and growth, works to expand her horizons by staying open to novel experiences.

Matt Barber

Matt Barber is the Product Manager for Shopfloor-Online MES, responsible for shaping the product strategy and ensuring the product meets the current and future needs of the market.

Matt brings years of experience as a software engineer and a project lead, where he has helped numerous manufacturers, across a range of industries, digitise their manufacturing operations with Shopfloor-Online MES.

Matt graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2011, with a first-class honours degree in Computer Science, and recently received a certification from the London School of Economics (LSE) for successfully completing MBA Essentials.

Alain Nochimowski

Alain Nochimowski is the Chief Technology Officer at Viaccess-Orca. Alain is responsible for leading VO’s innovative initiatives and on a broader scope, fostering an innovative mindset across the company.

Prior to this position, Alain led business development activities, first at Orca Interactive, and following the merger with Viaccess, at the new entity Viaccess-Orca.

Alain was responsible for leading VO’s entry strategy into new markets and ventures, and for creating a supportive industrial ecosystem for VO’s new products and technologies.  Before joining Orca Interactive in 2009, Alain held various business development and technical strategy positions successively at Orange, Viaccess, and SanDisk, in New York, Paris, and Tel Aviv.

Throughout his career, Alain initiated and successfully lead multiple innovation projects that notably resulted in dozens of issued patents and strategic sales to large content service providers. Alain graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Kari Terho

Kari is the Vice President, Global Sales with Elisa IndustrIQ, helping manufacturing companies to leverage intelligent manufacturing opportunities.

Kari has over two decades of experience in working with manufacturing and telecommunications enterprise solutions and he is passionate about helping customers drive sustainable growth by using data insights to solve their most challenging problems.

Kari holds a master’s degree in Business Administration.


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