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Business operations will not be the same once the pandemic subsides. The question now is how to use lean methodologies to move forward in the New Normal, i.e. no longer the Pre-COVID times.

All executives are encouraged to be proactive in their operations in order to stand firm should they face tough and abrupt changes due to emergencies.


This OPEX Online Experience is a step to work together on working through the challenges of business transformation that aims to be crisis-hardy. 

Together with our panel of active practitioners, we will work out a work plan that promises to deliver your process that is to be more flexible in difficult times.

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key Learning Objectives

Topics to be discussed in this webinar include:

Smoothing change management headwinds through Lean Six Sigma techniques

Now is a great chance to rework processes and restructure your organizations to manage different business operations more cost effectively, things will never be the same again (planery)

Leveraging digital and other emerging technologies to maximize remote business operations

Working on the weak points: trouble-shooting the value chain for resilience, your value chain will be constantly disrupted, business disruption and transformation management. – Need to understand game plans – Refresh and re-identify core OPEX principles (make sure these principles don’t hold innovation and improvements back), think in lean fashion

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