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Virtual healtcare innovation world


Healthcare Innovation World is a gathering of the Healthcare providers, Leading Innovators, Investors, Payers, Healthcare authorities and Policymakers, as well as patients’ representatives (NGOs, patient groups etc.) who are driving innovation in Healthcare.

By rapidly transforming world of opportunities and challenges, innovation in technology and other areas played a key role to boost healthcare delivery and effectiveness. While healthcare organizations face major challenges in the area quality improvement, accessibility and high cost, the focus shifts slowly to embrace innovations.

This Keynotion Summit is being designed as an international platform where healthcare industry experts will take into consideration, assess and reexamine the steps that need to be taken up to bring tangible progress in healthcare delivery worldwide through innovation.


  • Gauging the Impact of COVID-19 Across the Global IP Marketplace
  • How Virtual Reality is Changing Healthcare for Both Patients & Doctors
  • Integrating Disruptive Technology to Improve Care and Safety
  • Healthcare Performance Analytics: Shifting Analytics to Actionable Intelligence
  • Why AI and Robotics Will Define New Health
  • What Can History Teach Us About the Future of Alternative Care Models


Our Past Attends


Industry Leaders​

Executives, decision-makers, managers from healthcare authorities, healthcare providers, insurers, pharma industry and biotech organizations

Health Care IT

Senior technology leader, CIO, or CTO

Medical device providers

Clinicians and Researchers

Applications Developers and Data Scientists

Investment Community