A key theme for the summit is „…how to optimize your strategy, transform your organization and leverage not only data but also people, new technologies and processes.“ My interactive sessions during the OPEX conference will teach and engage you in…

Day 2 Group B Interactive Services/Pharma Session (2:25pm)

“OpEx/Change Methodology That Works For Your Organization”

Driving a successful Operational Excellence strategy requires linkage to a well-defined Change strategy. Too often you’ll see companies focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through dashboards, visual displays and team engagement sessions on progress to achieve those KPIs … but missing similar focus around the new Business Values and Guiding Principles that are critical to culture change – identified as Key Behavior Indicators (KBIs) needed for sustainable results.

How do you discover the OPEX/ change methodology that works for your organization?

We’ll discuss how to bring Operational Excellence and Change Management into a Business Strategy Model for excellence called Enterprise Excellence, along with case study examples:


Day 3 Group B Interactive Session (1:40 pm)

   “Teach Teams How To Think, Not What To Think”

Learn about and engage in dialog around three key areas:

1. How to Develop a Program for Leaders to Coach Leaders and Teams

We’ll discuss and see examples of how leaders create the company vision and align goals, and as a result how the organization upskills people and improves or redesigns systems and processes to meet that strategy.


2. Positioning High Performance Teams via empowerment and ownership of the operating systems and processes

Teams own their operating systems and work processes. Leaders work with those teams not by providing the answers but rather enabling and empowering the teams to find those answers themselves thru Kata Coaching techniques:


3. Developing a Learning Organization – mind-set, culture and competencies for continuous improvement ethos

A Learning Organization develops along with a long term plan to achieve business excellence:


Leonard “Rick” Hepp will be leading interactive sessions at the upcoming Global Operational Excellence and Process Transformation Summit in Boston. Look for his future posts about Enterprise Excellence, Leadership Coaching, Team Empowerment, and creating a Learning Organization with graphical excerpts from case studies that will be referenced at the sessions. Joining this event? Connect with fellow attendees in the official LinkedIn group.

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