Rob Kerner, Former Head of Innovation Strategy, Personal & Business Banking at RBS will be joining Corporate Parity’s 3rd Annual Banking Transformation & Innovation Summit contributing as a speaker.

“Taking your transformation journey to the next level”


About The Summit

While 2018 will undoubtedly bring more digital developments, few financial institutions will do enough to truly differentiate their brands and remain relevant to customers. To keep up with this fast-changing market, traditional banks will have to revise their operating business models in IT and development of new products and services. Digital is the way forward- more customers are using mobile phones and tablets to do their banking and Omni channel takes hold in financial services.
Furthermore, the mobile experience is becoming a crucial aspect of digital strategy that banks cannot disregard. Corporate Parity’s 3rd Annual Banking Transformation & Innovation Summit will bring together leading banking experts from all over the world to analyze the challenges banks are now facing as well as strategies for the banking industry to attract and retain customers.



Rob has 30+ years’ international experience across multiple industries ensuring strategy execution. With a background in consumer electronics (HP, Plantronics, Altec Lansing), Start-ups (Customer Gauge, R&R Music) and Fintech (Innovation at RBS) brings outside/in, allowing him lateral thinking in any business challenge. As well as being an international thought leader in digital/Fintech space, speaking/chairing at top digital banking conferences across Europe.

Rob recently left RBS where he was responsible for managing the innovation portfolio for Personal and Business Banking. He is now concentrating on working with companies to improve their Innovation functions, public speaking and strategic advice to investment firms in the tech space.

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Rob will be discussing the ‘Current Landscape In Banking Transformation’ (Internal Overview) with a focus on answering the following questions;

-What does digital transformation really mean? People often speak about having an “innovative culture”, but what does that really mean?  Companies need to unpick the elements that make up a successful innovation programme to optimise the speed true nature of new ideas.

-How do you decide what are the dimensions on which you need to transform? Companies are getting completely confused by all the hype and latest fads in this space. They need to focus their efforts on the task at hand, getting the right tech into customer’s hands as fast as possible.

-What are the key success factors? How are these teams being measured?  Too heavy control and companies risk stifling innovation and speed, but too light of controls and the organisation’s risk culture will kill projects. What are the right metrics and at what level should they be used?

-What are the main pitfalls & how to avoid them? What have I seen from my days in a complex organisation that is under tremendous pressure to innovate.

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