There’s so much happening under the umbrella of the Transformation of Healthcare, that it’s hard to know where to start. But there’s no doubt from our view of two things; firstly that one needs to go back to basics and secondly, that tech innovation is a major driver for change.

But what does this mean?

Well on the ‘basics’ front, there’s data flow failure across care boundaries, training, etc. But we at RemindMeCare think there’s a need to address some of the more fundamental and often ignored issues in healthcare. For example, the average person simply does not put health and wellbeing at the top of their daily activity list. Furthermore, the general expectation is for others to manage their care, whether state, local authority, hospital or GP. Yes, it sounds crazy, but daily entertainment and engagement with others come well above attention to personal self-care management and healthcare needs. To achieve true health care motivation it’s critical that the daily interaction between the person and any care tech, must be fun and rewarding. And that’s where RemindMeCare (aka ReMe) comes in. Fun is the trojan horse for gaining health tech adoption. A wise man once said to me, ‘You’ll drink a pint in preference to taking a pill’.

RemindMeCare is an interactive software and engagement platform that supports the person from diagnosis and care in the community through to the acute ward and end of life. Mainly conditions associated with elderly care, especially dementia, come with a baggage of complicated symptoms and conditions that lead to distress and the isolation of the person, mainly due to the impairment of communication skills. Meaningful communication between the person, the carer and family members is important in restoring their quality of life. RemindMeCare helps to achieve this by providing a framework for engagement between the person and their care circle that relies on achieving an understanding of the person, their life history, memories, experiences, habits, routines and likes and dislikes. And, using algorithms, translates this personal knowledge into an ever-evolving personal profile comprised of content sourced from the internet and packages it in a manner that enables informed engagement between all those involved in the care process…. in a fun way.

Entwined with daily family and media content, ReMe soon becomes an entertainment resource, that when coupled with another tech, such as voice and robotics solutions, is irresistibly ‘sticky’. And with a daily and loyal engagement achieved, ReMe becomes a means to gain consent for healthcare service provision, whether remote monitoring, medication alerts, housing management support, local authority interaction, etc.

The result of loyal daily use is not only improved wellbeing through daily care management, but also an ROI for investing in tech for care businesses. A freemium resource such as ReMe, that is entrusted with deep knowledge of the person and which is a daily source of entertainment and self-care management, and a resource in times of difficulty soon becomes a resort for other needs. This, in turn, offers abundant opportunities to generate data. In the same manner that the free using of Facebook or LinkedIn causes the user to accept their participation in the platforms data and marketing strategies, so ReMe gains the necessary consents for the provision of healthcare, data flow and knowledge.

We’ve found, sometimes surprisingly, that layer upon layer of differing forms of engagement, profitable to both the person and the businesses in their lives, can be achieved with a previously isolated and non-responsive person, if you simply know what it is that interests them. And for every person cared for, there are over 8 other reachable persons in their care circle, from their carers to their grandkids.

Simple really.

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