Laura Tengerdi CCXP is Head of Customer Experience – Budapest Bank (former GE Capital) Hungary and will be joining Keynotion for the upcoming 2nd Annual Global Customer Experience Innovation Summit 3rd-5th October 2018 as a speaker.

About the Summit

Companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors. Seeing the world through the eyes of their customers will leading companies to better organize and mobilize their employees around customer needs. Armed with advanced analytics, customer-experience leaders gain rapid insights to build customer loyalty, make employees happier and companies achieve sustainable revenue gains.


Laura Tengerdi is Head of Marketing Communications and Customer Experience of Budapest Bank (former GE Capital), Hungary. She has over 20 years of experience mainly in marketing and customer marketing, managing global and local brands and background in both B2B and B2C roles. She has a deep knowledge of a wide range of industrial sectors too. Her key qualities include a true enjoyment of developing strategies or putting a fresh face on an already established brand. She is a big believer of the thought ’Customer First’, that mindset she mastered during the many years she spent as a senior leader in the Central-European Organization of Unilever. Later in GE Capital and Budapest Bank, she expanded her belief in putting employees in the forefront too.

Her devotion to ‘building customers love’ also earned Laura the designation of CCXP (Certified Customer Experienced Professional) in 2018, by which she became one of the few CCXPs in CEE. In the past 3 years while being the CX leader of Budapest Bank; the bank launched many new initiatives and as a result the NPS (Net Promoter Score) has grown by 20 points, by this getting in the top 3 banking league as a consumer bank by now, while Budapest Bank also became Nr1 in the SME sector. (Resource: Scale Research, Bankindex)

About Budapest Bank:

Budapest Bank is one of the best performing and one of the most responsibly run universal large banks with strong capital position and risk management, and best-in-market processes, customer portfolio, and business partners.

Budapest Bank was established in 1987 as one of the first three commercial banks when the two-tier banking system was created in Hungary.  Budapest Bank is one of the top 8 major commercial banks in the market, provides the full range of financial services for consumers and corporations, within the latter segment focusing on small & medium sized enterprises. Main members of the Budapest Bank Group include the following 100% owned affiliates: Budapest Auto Finance, Budapest Fund Manager and Budapest Leasing. The bank together with the affiliates employs some 3000 people. Budapest Bank’s national branch network consists of almost 100 outlets today. The bank’s Operations Centre is located in Békéscsaba, East Hungary since 2006, employing nearly 800 staff, and it is one of the largest private employers in the region.

On June 29, 2015, the bank became Hungarian State-owned as it was acquired from GE


Laura will be discussing the following topics;

  1. GE legacy/background of Budapest Bank: profit and stability as ’main purposes’
  2. Recognizing the need for true customer centricity: CX among the Top 5 strategic thrusts
  3. From an accidental customer-centric approach to a conscious Need-based positioning
  4. The use of the CX Pyramid: 1. Get the basics right, 2. WOW experiences, 3. Emotions
  5. Driving behavior change: starting with the front line sales
  6. Achievements of the 3Y journey: key success criteria and barriers

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