Interview With Frisbo CEO, Bogdan Colceriu

Keynotion is excited to host Frisbo as our Silver sponsor. Today, we have Bogdan Colceriu, CEO of Frisbo, with us. Below is our interview with him.

Hi Bogdan, it is great to have you with us. Please kindly introduce Frisbo

  • Frisbo is a plug&play system that connects local warehouses, operators and smart logistics providers into a European fulfillment network and offers it as a fulfillment service to e-tailers, via multiple integrations with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. In short, we’re an end-to-end solution provider for e-commerce logistics which covers storage, picking and packaging, invoicing, and delivery.

What is your view on the rising trends on eCommerce

My views are as below:

  • D2C tendency – In the last year, also given the changes brought by the pandemic, e-commerce has changed the way consumers interact with brands and shop for pretty much everything. Brands started to address directly to final consumers through their official websites. The main objective is to better understand customer behaviour and consumer trends by having a direct touch point with them. Sales have become more authentic, as e-tailers can now gather data to generate actionable insights, or better said, they find the „why” behind each action of their customers. 
  • Cross-border expansion – Nowadays, e-tailers and sellers are shifting away from limiting their businesses to local geography. Instead of thinking locally, technological evolution, like the expansion of marketplaces and accessible courier services facilitates a more straightforward trade between sellers and their customers, regardless of where they are in the world. 

Could you share more how Frisbo overcomes the pandemic challenges since you are focused on logistics management?

  • COVID pandemic has really given a competitive advantage to the e-commerce industry. However, the biggest challenge was found in the supply chain area – assuring inventories and high transportation costs. The market didn’t notice a decrease in customers, but rather an increase in demand that resulted in an even more problematic supply. This is an issue that spreads even after the pandemic, and forces online sellers to mature their businesses through finding new supply and storage business models. 

What is your outlook in 2022 and 2023 in the eCommerce industry

  • 2022 sees some overlapping phenomena – the war has at least temporarily reduced the appetite for online shopping, while the removal of COVID restrictions brought classic retail back into the public eye. Taking into consideration the political conflict, the inflation and online shopping decrease,  I believe 2022 faces a slower growth. However, I assume that numbers will resume in 2023, which could represent a 2-digit growth of around 20-30% in developing markets and 10% in mature markets. 

What is the desired outcome of the event for you?

  • We aim to create awareness regarding the new rising trends in the e-commerce market. We want to empower e-tailers to benefit from the opportunities and possibilities that emerged together with the COVID pandemic, such as scaling cross-border and selling to multiple parties.

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