“Improving Population Health Through Collaboration & Innovation”

The feedback for our Health Insurance Innovation Summit 2018 was positive from start to finish. The reasons for this were due to a combination of efforts from Anna Beklemisheva, Senior Event Production Manager at Corporate Parity and all the speakers that participated in making this summit such a success. At this summit, we aimed to provide a well-rounded experience covering diverse topics from all perspectives.

At each Corporate Parity summit, we endeavour to provide all participants, whether speakers, delegates or sponsors with the opportunity to network & interact with their peers;

“Thank you for having me for yet another year, as a panel member this time. I truly learned a lot in two days and I made some good contacts for my company.” – Founder & CEO of Bossany Consulting

Market Outlook

Day 1 of HINS2018 began with a fantastic keynote speech from Ricardo Baptista Leite, Member Of Parliment & Head Of Public Health, (Portugal) highlighting his extensive experience in healthcare systems whereby he addressed the ‘Role Of IT In Health Systems Of The Future.’

Jerome Droesch, CEO, Axa Partners analysed the first case study; ‘From Payer To Partner: The New Journey Of Insurance’ taking participants from the evolution of customers expectations to applying successful models to achieve this.

Digital Transformation In Healthcare

The interactive panel discussion covered ‘Redesigning Future Of Healthcare With Artificial Intelligence’ moderated by Chairman Massimo Palmas, Independent Senior Insurance Expert, OSCE and included Ricardo Baptista Leite, Member Of Parliment & Head Of Public Health, (Portugal), Peter Braun, Head of Global Access Strategy and Health Policy, and Vishaal Virani, Business Development, Ada Health, creating a cohesive flow of experiences and ideas.

Paul Bessoms, CEO, Weconet Blockchain Technologies, discussed the topic of ‘Blockchains Potential Use Cases For Healthcare: Hype Or Reality’ allowing for every level of understanding of blockchain to fully grasp the concept of the integration into healthcare.

Dr Rachel Anne Carter, Cyber Innovation, AmTrust, held the audience’s attention with a thorough analysis of the reality of ‘Cyber, Innovation And The Insurance For The Healthcare Sector’.

Population Health Management

Day 2 of HINS2018 began with one of the most interesting & interactive cases discussed at the summit. Niti Pall, Board Member, Telenor Health showcased her global knowledge of healthcare through ‘Population Health Challenges Which Markets Lead, Mature Or Emerging.

Dr Prashant Chauhan, Director Operations, New Delhi Center For Sight Ltd, provided the summit with clear statistics relating to India and across the world for ‘Digital Health Trends: Making Healthcare Accessible And Affordable For All’.

We experienced the first joint presentation for this summit with Richard Lonsdale, Head Client Services, Generali Global Health and Peter Braun, Head of Global Access Strategy and Health Policy, Roche combining their knowledge and experience for ‘Fundamental Shifts In Healthcare: A Joint Pharma And Insurance Industry Perspective’ covering research from both sides.

Vote Of Thanks

Corporate Parity would like to extend a vote of thanks to all those who have contributed in one way or another to make this summit a success. We would especially like to acknowledge our chairman, Massimo Palmas, and all our speakers, and of course all the delegates.

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