Corporate Parity’s Global SCADA & Cyber Security summit saw Cyber experts from various industries speak on next level advancements in Cybersecurity tools, analyse how safe your company is & learn about the developing Cyberthreats. Dr Rashmi Kurmati, Event Production Manager, Corporate Parity & Ian Ross, Financial Crime Risk Specialist: Detecta, worked together to provide attendees with a conference of incredible interactions & thought-provoking discussions.

The Right Time For Cyber Security is Right Now!

Global Cyber Security & Data Protection Concerns

Desi Marinova, Cyber Security Advisor, RedSocks Security opened the conference with a detailed presentation, providing attendees with information on where one may seek help if they were to fall victim to a cyber attack, giving a human insight into the effects of cybercrime which was both eye-opening & educational.

General Data Protection Regulation

Dennis de Hoog, Managing Consultant, AON Global Risk Consulting, discussed GDPR, the topic has become most relevant in recent times. He detailed how to get started with the GDPR Framework & a roadmap for the future.

Security Challenges In A Multi-Cloud-Environment

Eleni Richter, Cyber Security Architect (EnBW) combined original design & content to produce an insightful presentation surrounding GDPR & OT.

The Industrial Immune System: Using Machine Learning & AI For OT Cyber Defense – SPONSOR presentation

Sam Alderman-Miller, Account Director DarkTrace, consistently interacted with attendees which contributed to a greater understanding of Machine Learning, IT & OT.

Panel Discussion – A Holistic Approach Focusing On Cyber Security & Data Protection In Its 3 Main Dimensions

Ian Ross, Fraud Risk Specialist & Trainer (Detecta), Helmut Spocker, HEC Partner Center of Expertise (EC Partner Security Officer), Desi Marinova, Cyber Security Advisor (RedSocks Security) and Sjaak Schouteren, Partner – European Cyber Team (JLT Netherlands) brought their extensive knowledge to highlight the current threat landscape

Panel Discussion – GDPR – Global Perspective 

Sjaak Schouteren, Partner – European Cyber Team (JLT Netherlands), Eleni Richter, Cyber Security Architect (EnBW), Helmut Spocker, HEC Partner Center of Expertise (EC Partner Security Officer) & Stephane G. Mouy, Head of Group Services – Legal (Bnpparibas) provided attendees with amazing insights & active participation in all questions.

Industry 4.0 & Cyber Security Cyber Impact Management

Sjaak Schouteren, Partner – European Cyber Team (JLT Netherlands) provided all that attended the summit with a professional keynote speech using video to highlight issues with cyber resilience & insurance.

Selecting A Mobile Device Management Tool

Sebastiaan Passtoors, CISO (Cranium Group) discussed why and how choosing a mobile device management tool is key to policy issues, deployment & setting policies.

Preparing Your Company And Your Employees For The Global Cuber Battle Field

Ian Ross, Fraud Risk Specialist & Trainer (Detecta) & Chairman treated attendees to an excellent presentation focused on coaching, mentoring & supporting prior to and during a cyber issue.


Speed networking was introduced as a fun & inventive form of networking which worked well at this summit. Allowing attendees dedicated time to discuss the topics at hand & acting as an icebreaker for many attendees. The cocktail reception was the perfect opportunity to get to know other attendees and speakers in a more informal setting prior to dinner. Overall, this summit was packed with incredible interactions, discussions & networking opportunities.

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