Our Global Predictive Analytics forum took place 8th-9th February & saw some of the world leaders in Predictive Analytics come together to discuss strategic & technical aspects of analytics across all sectors.

Strategy – Why, What & How 

Day 1 focused on strategy with many questions such as What Is Predictive Analytics, What Does It Matter & How Can It Save Lives being addressed along with the implementation of Predictive Analytics strategies designed to be beneficial for a variety of areas within an organisation. The keynote speech was delivered by Chair person, Sven Crone, Director, Lancaster Research Cantre For Forecasting. The chairperson of any conference is key to the overall energy for the duration of the conference. We saw the day begin by addressing utilising Predictive Analytics within your marketing sphere in order to get the most out of your ad scheduling and budget. This is a common concern for all companies investing heavily in advertising.

Data Journey 

In order to fully understand the areas discussed, case studies were used as reference to the data journey. Each section of presentations was then followed with breakout sessions, one of which stood out the most on day 1; Gordon Johnson, Global Head of Optimisation, DHL took a ‘Holistic View On Advanced Analytics’ with an industry focus on supply chain. Each session is allocated time but due to the engaging content, attendees happily went over that time during a discussion. This was also Gordon’s second year at our Global Predictive Analytics Forum, highlighting the relationships that are built during a conference.

Igor Rudychev Sr. Director Insights & Analytics, AstraZeneca discussed ‘How Can Predictive Analytics Save Lives’ using a company case study as an example, Igor related this technology back to data scientists & healthcare. The examples given were human rather than only technical applications.

Throughout day 1 we heard from Tom Haak, Director, HR Trend Insitute; Julio Peironcely, Head of Data Science, Schipol Airport; and Alex Brusses, Data Analytics Director, Moore; hosted the eagerly anticipated ‘Algorithms, Software or People – What Drives Analytics Maturity’ panel discussion.

The remainder of the day saw other industry leaders such as Anton Nijholt, Computer Scientist, University of Twente; Bobby Gill, Head of Data Intelligence, Cartrawler; Johan Vallin, Global Head of Data Science, CarTrawler; and Salah Ahmad, Chief Data Warehouse Architect, DXC Technology; discussing areas from ‘Brain- Computer’ to ‘Predicting The Consumer Behaviour’

Technicalities & Organisations 

Day 2 was set in motion with an energetic keynote speech from Jason Persons, Chief Big Data Architect from BT,  that harnessed the energy for the conference to follow. Beginning the day with a refreshing & motivating keynote speech is crucial for setting the tone for the day.

Cecil Sunder, Global Predictive Analytics, Digital Operations, Process Engineering Leader, Microsoft was unable to join us in the venue, however, for the first time at a Corporate Parity conference we had a live presentation from a different location. Given the premise of the conference, this was an interesting situation that was successfully adapted to by Anna Beklemisheva, Senior Event Production Manager, Corporate Parity, in order to highlight the capabilities of technology when presenting remotely.

A presentation that garnered the most excitement was Michael Kubliske, Director, Capital One & the case study ‘ Enterprise Machine Learning: The Intrepid Behemoth’ which was later referred to as ‘Mind-Blowing Machine Learning’ by audience members.

Renaud Di Francesco, Director Europe Technology Standards Office, Sony Enterprises Ltd lead a provocative case study discussion ‘Machine Data Versus People Data, Challenges And Opportunities’ for industry leaders.

Yuanyuan Liu, Director, Statistical Machine Learning, AIG ended the conference with a conceptual review of AI & ‘Machine Learning and Insurance’


The consistent theme for the conference was innovative which did not disappoint at providing attendees and speakers with a thought-provoking 2 days of learning giving equal focus on industries, applications & organisation levels. Corporate Parity would like to extend a vote of thanks to all those who have contributed in one way or another to make this summit a success.

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