Corporate Parity’s Process Improvement & Operational Excellence Summit took place recently & saw some of the world’s leaders in operations, tech & business join forces for an exceptional summit.  Anna Beklemisheva, Senior Event Production Manager – Corporate Parity created a summit that focused on inclusive discussions. Thanks to the participation of so many delegates this summit was engaging, fun & professional.

Anivar Sen, Managing Director – Fifth Chrome heavily contributed to making this summit such a success.

Day 1 – Customer Focus

Marcos Arias, Director – Premium Care Call Centers – AT&T discussed a Case Study on ‘Understanding What It Takes To Win: A Paradigm Shift From Cost Stripping To Customer Centric Growth Opportunities’ received incredible feedback from delegates & speakers alike. Daniel Abrantes, Global Change and Communication Manager – IKEA Group lead the discussion with professionalism which resulted in a successful discussion with ‘Getting Commitment From Senior Leaders & Important Stakeholders Upfront’ as a moderator.

Day 2 – Deep Dive Into The Biggest Challenge Of Your Organisation

Patricia Hatter, General Manager of Services, Intel Security – Intel highlighted how to ‘Shape The Future Of Performance Excellence & Growth In Scale Through Digital Reinvention’. Patricia also complemented the delegates on their level of engagement & enthusiasm which made OPEX the most enjoyable summit Patricia had attended recently. Brent Wong, Director Corporate Lean Enterprise – Belden Inc. moderated a panel discussion of ‘Sharing Failed Projects, & Why They Didn’t Turn Out To Be Successful.’ Also leading a Round Table Discussion based on Top Topics To Discuss & Solve focusing on ‘How do you build cohesion between lean, agile, and design thinking’, both sessions were an overwhelming success. Andrzej Kinastowski, Head of Asset Recovery – Lufthansa Global Business Services brought us ‘Using Multiple Programs, Projects & Tolls To Change Company’s Culture’ was extremely relevant & opened up some interesting topics for discussion.

Day 3 – Workshops

During the course of this day, there were numerous workshops taking place simultaneously all with differing topics. Timmo Ritzau, Founder & Owner – TimmoRitzau CONSULT focused on ‘Using Innovative Methodologies To Achieve End-To-End: Adopting An Agile Mindset To Human-Centered Design while discussing how every organisation can utilise an agile approach. Anirvan Sen, Managing Director – Fifth Chrome lead the workshop based on ‘How To Build A Customer-Centric Approach With Design Thinking’ suggesting take we take creativity into consideration for all aspects of business development. Michael Bjørn Andersen Former Head of HQ Projects & Process Excellence – Maersk Group discussed how ‘Taking Excellence To The Next Level: Daring To Face What It Really Takes’ in business. Gert Linthout Knowledge leader Operational Excellence – Möbius motivated the group with ‘ Losers Lose, Winners Lose Less’

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