Keynotion’s Global Blockchain Technology Summit 17th-18th May 2018, took place in the Millennium Gloucester Hotel & Conference Centre, London. Always a popular location for professionals, this summit saw international professionals come together to discuss developments in Blockchain with Lewis Howse, Production Executive at Keynotion, at the forefront of the summit. Chairman Louis de Bruin, Blockchain Leader Europe at IBM Digital Operations, offered continuous support and expertise throughout. Louis also celebrated his birthday during the summit.

Global Blockchain Technology Summit

Day 1

Louis de Bruin, Blockchain Leader Europe at IBM Digital Operations, opened day 1 with a Keynote Speech ‘The Future of Blockchain Technology Forecasting Growth and Predicting Future Applications‘ in which he detailed blockchain adoption across numerous industries & how blockchain will change the future. Laurent Marochini, Head of Innovation, Process Improvement at Societe Generale discussed ‘Cryptocurrencies as a New Asset Class‘, explaining the different risks and exactly how to mitigate those risks. Emilie Allaert, Head of Projects & Operations at LHoFT presented ‘ICOs and Regulations: An Impossible Match?‘ focusing on the regulatory framework around ICOs & to which extent is it applicable.

One of the most popular discussions of the summit was Panel Discussion: ‘Blockchain and IoT‘ with;

Moderator Jonny Voon, Innovation Lead for IoT & DLT at Innovate UK

Pilar Santamaria, VP Innovation EMEA at Dell EMC

Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk, Head of Blockchain Architecture at Deutsche Telekom

All bringing together their wealth of knowledge to discuss challenges such as consensus models and the computational costs of verifying transactions. Jonny impressed all attendees with the ability to focus the panellists & create an open discussion.

Pilar Santamaria, VP Innovation EMEA at Dell EMC then analysed a case study based on ‘How Blockchain can Enable GDPR Compliance with Consent‘. Pilar was praised for the level of interaction she created between attendees. Andrea Taini, Founder at Multiversum delivered a Sponsor Presentation, to answer  ‘Will Multiversum Substitute Oracle?‘. During this attendees gained an insight into Multibersum and blockchain as a service. The next topic covered was focused on enterprise development with John Calian, Vice-President of the Blockchain Group at Deutsche Telekom. John answered many questions on ‘Blockchain and the Enterprise‘ delving into IoT management & roaming.

Rob Knight, CEO & Co-Founder at Mattereum delivered ‘Smart Contracts & The Possibility for new Decentralised Business‘ highlighting the benefits of immutability. Mattereum is a developing company with expertise in Blockchain Technology. The focus of his presentation was integrating blockchain tech for growth in new projects. Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft Regional Director, Switzerland at Microsoft, explained global uses for blockchain with ‘Blockchain Around the World Opportunities to Boost our Trust in Government & Industry‘. Boris Spremo, Operations Director, Blockchain Innovation at BNY Mellon, used a case study of ‘The Efficiency and Security Potential of Blockchain to Banks‘ to show the shift in payment systems & the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Day 2

The final day of the summit began with a focus on separate industries during the Spotlight On Blockchain In;

The Energy Sector‘ with Oenone Scott, Communications Manager at Electron

Transport‘ with Jody Cleworth, CEO at Marine Transport International

Healthcare‘ with Sheraz Majeed, Co-Founder Global Blockchain at Consortium

Each discussion received positive feedback because each speaker broke down the industry types and explained the use of blockchain for energy usage, payments & logistics in a practical sense.

Alberto Fernandez, Blockchain Consultant & Veronica Torras, Head of Marketing & Business Development both represented Jelurida for the second Sponsor Presentation discussing ‘Blockchain-as-a-Service Model Designed for Broad Business Adoption‘. The time for this presentation was extended due to the high level of interaction from all attendees.

Anirvan Sen, Managing Director at Fifth Chrome moderated the Panel Discussion ‘Blockchain & Big Data‘ with Tomaso Aste, Director UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies & Paul Bessems, CEO at Weconect Blockchain Technologies. This panel discussion was very interesting as many uses of big data relating to customer experience were highlighted.

Rikiya Masuda, CFO at Bitflyer created a lively discussion about regulations in Europe & cryptocurrency during ‘Regulation, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency‘ Paul Bessems, CEO at Weconect BlockchainTechnologies, presentation was eagerly anticipated due to his knowledge of all things blockchain. He certainly did not disappoint highlighting many interesting areas within the value chain during ‘Blockchain in the Supply Chain

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