Keynotion’s 2nd Annual Packaging Summit took place 3rd-4th May 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands & saw the world’s leaders in packaging technologies & sustainability come together to discuss the most pressing issues, thanks to the efforts of Kartik Shekar, Production Executive – Keynotion & Roland Ten Klooster, Chairman, Prof. Packaging Design & Management – University of Twente.


Day 1

HANS VAN BOCHOVE, Vice-President Public Affairs – Coca-Cola European Partners, discussed ‘The EU Circular Economy Package and Plastic Strategy from industry’s perspective‘ focusing on recycling in Europe which was eagerly anticipated due to the high profile nature of Coca-Cola. Due to such popularity, this presentation was immediately requested for after the summit. SIMON MADDRELL, Founder of Orbit & Anchor & ex Group Director 2 Sisters Food Group, received praise for the manner in which he presented along with the topic covered ‘Local Business Initiatives Based on Networks’. Simon also provided excellent examples of local food sourcing & how to improve infrastructure.

LUKE MONTGOMERY, Growth Hacker and Lead Speaker – Growth Tribe, focused on consumer interest with ‘Growth Hacking Unpacked’.  Humour coupled with interesting comparisons of past & future generations take on growing & developing companies made for a popular presentation. ROBERT VAN OTTERDIJK Agro-Industry Officer -Food & Agriculture Organization, highlighted packaging standards in Africa regarding reusing or recycling materials. He gave the most interesting examples of how to reuse glass bottles. Critical of other companies lacking a full understanding of the shipment of waste materials to Africa. Robert had the ability to create an interactive dialogue while covering key issues of sustainability.

PANEL DISCUSSION went over time due to their examination of ‘Local Business: The Possibilities of Working with High-Quality Equipment and Using Active and Intelligent Packaging’ with HECTOR FUENTEALBA Independent Consultant / Former Senior Packaging Engineer – Nestlé, BART BOERS Sales Manager Europe – Kezzler & SIMON MADDRELL Founder of Orbit & Anchor & ex Group Director – 2 Sisters Food Group, receiving the most interaction from all panel discussions that took place.

Day 2

DR. JOHN ANDERSON Dir. & VP WW Business Development – Kodak, was the highlight of day 2 covering ‘Influence of 3rd Industrial Revolution on Packaging and Labelling’. With Kodak being such a well-known name, many attendees were curious to learn about the recent developments within the company. JONNE HELLGREN, CEO & Co-Founder – RePack, ‘Rise of E-commerce and its Impact on Packaging Waste’ examined the connections for packaging with the third party companies – all reusable & recyclable material.

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