Keynotion’s Global Product Intelligence & Design Thinking Summit takes place October 18th-19th, 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands in the Radisson Blu. Having had many successful summits in the past, based upon similar topics, this will be the first summit created by Keynotion that will amalgamate Design Thinking, AI, Analytics & Product Launches to provide all those involved with a fully rounded & engaging experience. The aim is to provide participants with a platform to address key issues & innovate solutions through open discussions. The summit will be a combination of experts from all over the world sharing their views through interactive case study presentations, workshop and panel discussions. It will also equip attendees with the appropriate strategies in order to stay on top of their businesses.

This article will provide you with a brief insight into the summit & 2 key areas that will be discussed.

About The Summit

Product Development, Management and Innovation are more important than ever in the pursuit of a competitive advantage. Customers’ ever-changing wants and needs drive organisations to offer products with distinct characteristics and market these products in a way that motivates customers while promoting loyalty. This is where the challenge arises for product managers; to develop more efficient innovation practices, optimize the use of customer knowledge and insights, better manage product lifecycles and increase the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Topics To Be Discussed

Artificial Intelligence in Product Development & Design

Product Lifecycle Management

Predictive & Data Analysis Techniques

Using Incomplete Competitive Information To Improve Your Products Competitiveness

Impact of Digital Transformation In The Future of Product Innovation

How Product Development Launches Can Achieve 100% Success Rate

How To Use Analytics & Big Data To Develop Products & Drive Innovation

How Can Large Companies Work Better With Small Companies & Entrepreneurial Start-ups

B2B2C Product Development & Management

The Fundamentals of Design Thinking

What is Product Intelligence?

Product Intelligence can often focus on how you provide consumers with information regarding the functionality of your product. But, how can do you ensure that you are using this information in the best way possible? For many managers & merchandisers, this will focus on more than one area – which products will be sold at what price? Is the price we are offering competitive? How do you promote this product & what information do you provide? In order to get the most out of your investment, you will need data. From this data, you will need to gather an array of insights that will ultimately lead to making decisions across pricing, content & consumer facing.

Creative Technology 

Creative technology is one section of the product development process which will ultimately lead to a better understanding of Product Intelligence. Creative Technology can be used to build experiences that excite consumers & lead to further commitment to your brand. Experiential Marketing is a tearm that has become widely popular due to the increased use of technology & human emotional understanding when presenting a product. Check out some of the best uses of Creative technology in marketing from 2017 here.

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