Presented by Corporate Parity, The Global Agile Innovation & Development Summit will present case studies, workshops and panel discussions featuring industry experts and forward-thinking leaders. Key topics to be covered include Scaling Agile, Enterprise Agile, Dispersed Agile Teams, and Mob Programming.

What does the future hold for Agile?

As different industries begin to embrace Agile and teams become more distributed, it is clear that Agile (and the way we use it) is going to change. The key to adapting is to see the change coming and to act on it immediately – only then can Agile companies truly thrive in a business world that offers no guarantees and demands flexibility. Whether you’re a Scrum Master, CEO, VP or an Agile Coach, everyone wants the same thing: an effective team working towards a common goal in an efficient and harmonious way. Quite often this can be easier said than done, and those implementing and practising Agile must be ready to face the challenges that they will inevitably encounter.

Alessia Correani

Born and raised in Rome, Alessia left Italy when she was 23 years old after which she relocated to the UK and lived there for more than a decade pursuing her dream to experiment and research on the human brain and behaviour and the technology and innovation. After obtaining a PhD in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience she moved onto the next big thing: Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Having worked in various industry sectors in the Tech space as a senior analyst and then product manager she is now part of Microsoft Services as a Digital Innovation and Transformation Advisor helping people and businesses to develop an antifragile and growth mindset in building new opportunities and innovative and disruptive technology.


‘Agile state of mind – how to be antifragile in a world of continuous change’

The increased pace at which technology and science are evolving in such an interdisciplinary fashion makes future prediction more and more difficult. Embracing an agile and experimental approach to business growth and innovation is the only way to stay ahead and lead the way. A lean approach to business and product development supports a real growth mindset in people and a continuous learning approach within organizations helping them to be antifragile and disruptive. This process educates and empowers creativity, lateral thinking and co-creation as well as helping validate ideas in a quick feedback loop. Value and knowledge creation is produced thanks to continuous communication and exchange between parties to promote a smarter human-machine growth.

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