Francis Goh is the founder and CEO of HehSed Consulting, and an expert in the areas of Digital Transformation, Design Thinking and Customer Experience.  He will be chairman at Keynotion’s upcoming 2nd Annual Global Digital Transformation & Innovation Summit.

Prior to the summit, Francis has agreed to participate in a brief interview and share his insights on the impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience, and it’s implications for businesses worldwide.

How is Digital Transformation changing the Customer Experience Journey and brand – customer relationships and interactions?

Digital Transformation is the movement that drives innovation across all businesses, including CX journey. It is the fundamental blueprint to drive CX through new solution development, which results in new product and service offering.

Which innovations do you consider most significant for CX, what are the „game changers“?

Whoever can connect and bring the technological assets to enhance a disruptive CX innovation will win the battle. The application of AI in many areas of customer experience will be increasing more exponentially, therefore being able to leverage on AI-enabled CX capabilities will win market shares and customer loyalty.

Which CX trends are currently emerging, and which of them are likely to stay dominant?

The trend of higher adoption of AI into enhancing CX will take off exponentially and is likely to provide much higher relevance to the way CX is delivered.

What are the main challenges and opportunities for businesses in this new dynamic environment?

The main challenge is the human mindset, a natural barrier in the mind to provide the capacity to change. It requires a cultural change and the alignment of the strategy across the whole organization.

What are the key policies businesses need to adopt for a successful Customer-centered strategy? Where to invest first in a CX transformation?

Organization-wide customer centricity will have to drive all facets of a successful CX strategy; the area of investment would be looking at driving the mindset change as the first area of investment.

How do you expect things to evolve in the near future?

I would expect the Industry 4.0 trends to drive a lot of the innovations through the Cloud, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

How can businesses meet the expectations of the Digital Customer?

The key step to take is to be able to empathise with the connected customer on satisfying their needs and wants.

What is the biggest CX misconception?

Many people confuse better customer service and efforts around customer service to Customer Experience, which is a holistic strategy driving how the customers feel when engaging with the product or services of the supplier.

How Customer-centric Digital Transformation can do wonders?

It can totally surprise and delight the customers through the provision of higher engagement and service. To be obsessed with the customers, through a systematic and structured Customer Experience strategy will not only enhance the CX, but win market share and increase the bottom line.

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