Dear Future Thinkers & Builders,

What an honor to be chairing Corporate Parity’s Global DigiPharma Innovation Forum, which is being held on 24th – 25th October 2019 in Berlin.

The UN through its SDG3 is very vocal on making sure every human being has access to healthcare by 2030. In this journey, no-one should be left behind. That means both improving the current situation globally but also means making sure disabled, developing countries, poor, migrants and lower class communities are included in our thinking process of making the WORLD A HEALTHIER place.

There is no doubt in my mind that the 4th industrial revolution offers an amazing platform and tremendous tools, culture in order to achieve this big Mission of ours in Healthcare.

Healthcare, is a space that for years, was driven by traditional processes and a very close group of people having strong knowledge on Human being spirit, body, and mind. This started changing recently with the digital transformation and revolution hitting our space.

Like other industries that have already been disrupted, we will surely survive and thrive all the changes coming and popping up all over the place from across the globe.

Among all, our favorite life savior space «Pharma» is going through that incredible rollercoaster and we are excited to gather the brightest minds in order to discuss from a reverse engineering perspective what will happen during the 4th industrial revolution in this amazing space and industry.

We need to keep treating, administering and offering the best medications to patients out there. Will we keep doing it in a standard way or more personalized? What would this imply for the delivery process of drugs and medication? Would middlemen still be needed in the process if Drug manufacturers can directly communicate with patients and have their genomics information? Who owns which data and who will pay for all of this new way of working in the Pharma industry for better Health Outcome of Patients?

Join us in brainstorming on this patient driven approach to Pharma and get the unique opportunity of meeting experts from the different continents discussing this amazing topic.

This event will also be your opportunity to significantly expand your network and build relationships that last.

I look forward to seeing you in Berlin at the summit.

Yours Faithfully,

The Chairwoman

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