Bioprocessing Summit Interview With Sarah Clark

Ms Sarah Clark will be chairing Keynotion’s upcoming Intelligent Bioprocessing Summit Amsterdam 2021. She will lead us through the exciting sessions on 11th and 12th November while sharing her insights in the bioprocessing industry.
Sarah is a word-obsessed, natural born communicator who has been writing since she could first put pencil to paper. After a successful career in communications, spanning nearly twenty years, Sarah hung up her professional communicator hat and began focusing on writing again full-time.

We spoke with Sarah about the bioprocessing matters behind the international healthcare innovation scenes, and her vision for the bioprocessing landscape in today’s world. Read the full interview below:

                          • What is your outlook for the future, and plans for 2022?

My outlook is positive. I refuse to be negative, especially after the last two years. Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals plans on bringing some exciting new therapies with tremendous promise to market for patients in need and further expanding ICC Advisors into the US and internationally. We are committed to working with a diverse range of people and organizations to help create a Canadian cannabis industry that is reflective of the population and the needs of patients.


                          • What is your view on the fast changing bioprocessing landscape in today’s world? 

The world itself has always been fast changing. If you don’t keep your eyes and ears open, you will find yourself the ugly step-sister at the prince’s ball instead of the Cinderella of the bio-processing sector. Covid certainly changed the game entirely for everyone and left no industry unaffected. Bio-processing has always been fast changing. In order to be successful in bio-processing, you have to be able to adapt and change at a moments notice. I think the changes happening in bio-processing right now are ones that are necessary to be successful in the future. Businesses have had to learn to navigate in a world gripped by a deadly global pandemic. In order to be successful at that, you need to be successful at rapidly adapting to change. I am interested to see what the future holds and what a post pandemic world will mean for bio-processing.


                          • How rethinking bioprocessing can help us in Healthcare Innovation?

New thinking leads to new ideas and new processes. It leads to new steps and new ways of doing things. By rethinking bio-processing, we are able to look for flaws in our systems and areas where we can improve. All employees of an organization should be encouraged to rethink things constantly. Ask themselves if there is a more efficient, cost effective, environmentally stable solution to a problem. Do they see a way a process can be retooled to improve daily operations? Rethinking bio-processing and health care in a measured and considerate way would undoubtedly lead to innovation, improvements and better processes for bio-processing.


                          • Your take on this saying: Innovation theater is the opposite of strategy sufficiency.

What delivers strategy sufficiency is a strong portfolio mix of innovation projects and the right critical mass of projects. These disciplines of risk-mitigation via a portfolio approach are the lessons worth picking up from say, Alphabet/Google or the Virgin Group. These are organizations to which a fertile innovation culture comes natively. Somewhere along their early growth cycle, they recognized that their best business strategy was one of constant change. How they got there isn’t important. We just need to unbundle their discipline and get to the essence that can be transplanted into our organizations.

                          • What do you look forward to discussing at the Intelligent Bioprocessing Amsterdam 2021? What is the desired outcome of the event for you?

I look forward to learning more about bio-processing in general
while being able to take a deeper dive into subjects that interest me like biologics and vaccines for instance. I am hoping to improve my knowledge base and meet new people in the industry, make new connections and represent Delta Eight and ICC Advisors to the best of my abilities.

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