Angela Maragopoulou

She is a Global Head of Network Application Operations at Vodafone will be at the forefront of Corporate Parity’s upcoming Big Disruption Summit as Chairperson and Keynote speaker. Read her encouraging address to the guests of the event below.

Dear Colleagues,

It’s an honour to to be chairing Corporate Parity’s Big Disruption Summit, which is being held on Thursday 11th – Friday 12th April 2019 in Amsterdam.

We are continuously facing both the challenges but also the great growth potential, introducing so much disruption across all industries. Disruption is being fed by an amazing growth in technology and analytics, available now more than ever before. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, Advanced analytics, IoT and new Connectivity potential, 5G and construction revolution all signify an explosion of capability and potential.

The event will offer you meaningful and valuable interactions with well-known innovators and disruptors across a number of industries, it will provide you with frameworks, tools, use cases and practical advice tailored to fit your companies, and will enable you to share your ideas and concerns in a collaborative environment.

We want to boost the disruption potential within your organizations and help you multiply, apply and grow value through the knowledge and network you can build within these two days of our summit.

I am personally driven by design methodologies, disruptive innovation, the future and scaling applied disruptors. I will ensure the same unique tooling capability will run through the spine of our summit and deliver to you the same value it delivered to us while designing.

We have worked intensively to select the best speakers with proven track record across multiple industries and regions to build a highly relevant agenda, which will span across different key topics with a focus on IoT, Artificial Intelligence  & newfangled technologies, Digital transformation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications, amongst others.

This event will also be your opportunity to significantly expand your network and build relationships that last.

I look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam at the summit.

Best wishes,

Angela Maragopoulou

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